RMPH seeks cooperation of public vs COVID-19

ROXAS CITY — The Roxas Memorial Provincial Hospital is seeking the cooperation of the public as the coronavirus admissions on its facility are “severe and critical” cases.

“We ask everyone to please refrain from leaving their homes unless absolutely necessary and, if you have to, please wear your facemasks and face shields properly, observe at least a one-meter distance from other people, and avoid crowded places,” the RMPH said in a statement.

With RMPH being the only hospital that accommodates COVID-19 cases, it would still accept patients “despite the severe strain on its resources,” it added.

Also, with more severe and critical COVID-19 cases to deal with, it would need extensive care from a “limited and exhausted” workforce, the statement also said.

Furthermore, despite its best efforts, the RMPH said that it would be “inevitable that, due to the sheer number of patients that it caters to on a daily basis, there will be delays in admission because beds and rooms have to be disinfected, sanitized, and prepared for the next patient.”

The RMPH appeals for understanding and cooperation from the public, it said.

It also said that RMPH will “stretch its resources to care for anyone who needs it, but, as the only hospital catering to COVID-19 patients, it cannot win this fight alone and needs the help and support of everyone to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, which, if left unchecked, will overwhelm our healthcare system.”*