Roxas City LGU eyes 85% waste recycling

The Roxas City government has established a new sanitary landfill and acquired new garbage trucks
and a road roller toward a cleaner and 85% waste-recycled city.
Roxas City mayor Ronnie Dadivas said he made sure the new landfill is more polished, sturdy, and
approved by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).
City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) Officer Ronald Amigo said that the city has
collected 100 to 130 tons of waste daily since last year which filled the existing landfill in Brgy. San
Jose, here.
Amigo added that from 2023 to 2024, the city government aims to have 85% recycled waste.
“Based sa akon nga observation, less than 30% ang diverted waste that is why nagsulod si city
government para ma-achieve ang 85% nga waste recycled kag 15% lang ang i-dump sa sanitary landfill
(Based on my observation, less than 30% are diverted wasted that is why the city government has
entered to achieve the 85% recycled waste and only 15% will be dumped in the landfill),” Amigo
After the opening of the new sanitary landfill cell 2 in Brgy. San Jose, the Roxas City government had a
turnover and blessing ceremony of the six brand new garbage trucks and a road roller.
During the turnover, mayor Dadivas said that the procured equipment will be used for a faster
collection of waste in the city.
“Ang aton sanitary landfill kag ang na-procure nga six ka garbage trucks, road roller, kag ang bulldozer
(Our new sanitary landfill, six garbage trucks, road roller, and bulldozer) are all components to have a
very good sanitary and healthy environment here in Roxas City,” Dadivas added.
He also encouraged the 47 barangays to procure their garbage trucks.
“I ask for the cooperation of Roxas City for your contribution and continued support in keeping our
city clean, healthy, and an ideal place to live in,” Dadivas stated.

Further, the Dadivas administration has allocated P69 million for the technology-based treatment
A pyrolysis machine and pelletizer are also set to be procured to improve the water waste facility and
answer the future garbage requirements of Roxas City.