Roxas to use QR codes for COVID monitoring

ROXAS CITY — The Roxas City Government is pushing to use Quick Response (QR) codes in monitoring coronavirus disease cases in the locality.

Residents aged 15 to 65 years old must enroll in the program called Digitized Roxas City Epidemiological Contact Tracing System.

The city government has already begun using the QR codes for its employees, while enrollment to the system for City Hall visitors is ongoing.

Moreover, the system intended for the citizens is free, and that installation in cellphones for establishments has no charge.

However, a fee of around P1,000 would be charged to the establishments if the installation will be done on laptops or desktop computers.

The scanner would give a warning if the person scanned was COVID-19 positive.

Data encryption was assured when using the application and that penalties were also discussed during the drafting of the ordinance, Councilor Cesar Yap Jr. said.*