Rules of investment


Roxas City has become the Investment Capital of the Philippines, locals said in jest.

This new moniker was due to the rise of investments of an investment firm which promises to double the return in a month or so.

I am not here to investigate such a firm. I am here to share investment tips, especially that I already experienced investing…on a person. Cheka. Back to the serious stuff.

I heard other people say to their prospect to sell their properties to have funds to invest.

Then, they do hard selling by saying “Everybody is doing it. Get it while it’s hot,” triggering impulsive financial moves.

Well, regardless of the investment format, selling stuff to make such an investment is risky, especially you don’t have what it takes financially.

Do not put all your eggs into one basket. Anyway, your banks and investment firms will not ask you to do otherwise.

Diversify your investments with the traditional and the newer formats as long as you have done your research.

Do not invest everything. Save some money for yourself. (Nagtitira ka nga ng pagmamahal sa sarili mo, dapat gawin mo din iyan sa pera).

Also, have other sources of income aside from bank investments (not the savings account type), keeping your nine-to-five job, and do sideline jobs.

Most importantly, once you get that huge return, allocate some of the money for savings, and allocate the rest for income-generating investments like businesses, insurance, etc.

To summarize, in making investments, you should save, re-invest, and diversify investments.*