SSS strengthens campaignvs delinquent employers

THE Social Security System Visayas West 2 Division and Roxas City branch continue to hold the Run Against Contribution Evaders (RACE) campaign for non-compliant employers, urging them to settle their contribution delinquencies.
The RACE campaign is a nationwide program of the SSS that visits and reminds employers who have problems with their SSS remittances.
“We are visiting them to convince and explain to them that the SSS is open for negotiation for them to settle their delinquency payments,” stated Vice President for the Visayas West 2 Division Bernardo Dofitas Jr. During their second RACE campaign in the province on March 1, the team visited six selected areas, mostly food and beverage businesses. One is in Roxas City and some are in the towns of Panay and Pontevedra with a total of P645,171.44 delinquencies affecting at least 36 employees with contribution status at stake.
He stressed that despite their visits and giving notices of violations, the SSS is open for installment schemes which include condonation of contribution penalties and management structuring program.
“Some of the installment ranges from six to 24 months depending on their proposals if they still need more time to pay their delinquencies,”
Dofitas added, reiterating that the agency is willing to give a lot of chances to the delinquent employers to settle their payments before filing a case in the prosecutor’s office. Dofitas also shared that there is no resentment or any form of resistance on the part of
the employers.
He further revealed that in one of the visits, the employer said that they are willing to settle their delinquencies, however, they are still waiting for the subsidy from other agencies because they have
huge operating costs. Dofitas said that they will conduct visits more frequently to the local businesses because they noticed that all these have a positive impact on the employers.
“To all employers and members of the SSS, if you have contribution delinquencies, it is best to contact the SSS or go to our nearest offi ce because we are open to all settlements of delinquency problems,” Dofitas
noted. (AGP/PLF/PIA Capiz)(Photo:PACR/PIA-10)