Tax amnesty on delinquency sought

ROXAS CITY – A relief on the real property tax delinquency was being sought due to income loss brought by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Councilor Jericho Celino said that the economic recession has caused a substantial amount of unrealized revenues from the uncollected delinquent from real property taxes.

Celino said he proposed to have interest in taxes amnestied to lessen the people’s economic burden.

Under the proposed measure, all outstanding real property tax liabilities for land, building or improvements, and machinery will be granted with amnesty.

If the agreement to pay installments was breached or if the installments were not paid on time, the total unpaid balance of the delinquent real property taxes and the entire penalty would become due and demandable.

Also, no public auction should be done during the amnesty period.

As of this writing, the proposed measure is still up for discussion at the city council.*