The Ecological Solid Waste Management Code of Roxas

Every local government unit (LGU) should provide a concrete plan on how to manage its solid waste
while maintaining the cleanliness of the environment in order to preserve it for the future
This delves into Ordinance No. 023-2023 “The 2023 Omnibus Ecological Solid-Waste Management Code
of Roxas City” and its impact to the environmental policy of our country and to every citizen of Roxas
The actors in the policy making process are the following: Sangguniang Panlunsod, City Environment and
Natural Resources Office (CENRO), Commercial Establishments, Condominium Owners, Institutional
Establishments, Junk Dealers, Private Garbage Collectors, and the residents of Roxas City.
The different roles of the actors are as follows: the Sangguniang Panlunsod, headed by the
Honorable Vice Mayor H. Teresa Almalbis with the active participation of its members who
formulated and promulgated this policy. The City Environment and Natural Resources Office
(CENRO), is the department under the office of the City Mayor tasked to monitor and
implement provisions of this ordinance, enforce all general and local laws on the protection of
the environment.
On the other hand, Commercial Establishments are those parties engaged in trade, commerce,
and services in the City of Roxas which may contribute to huge amount of commercial waste
of the City. The Condominium Owners they are the real property owners consisting of a separate
interest in the unit in residential, industrial, and commercial building and an undivided interest
in common areas of the building. They are the minority group but also influential actors in this
The Institutional Establishments are government and private institutions situated in the city.
Government Institutions refer to establishments with public service purposes, which was funded
by the government such as local government offices, public schools, colleges, universities, and
hospitals. While Private Institutions refers to any establishments privately owned to institutionalize the
business or practice such as private schools, colleges, universities, hospitals,
and religious establishment. They serve as partner of the City Government to disseminate and
educate its clientele the purpose and importance of this ordinance for the benefit of everyone
and the preservation of our environment.
The Junk Dealers where those engaged in recovering recyclable materials as trade business.
While the Private Garbage Collector refers to a private entity, that is engaged in collection of
wastes in general, accredited, and regulated by the City Government, contracted by commercial,
condominiums, and industrial establishments to collect their wastes/garbage. Both actors are
performing vital role in the collection of solid wastes materials produced by the different

The residents of Roxas City refers to individuals or families residing within the vicinity of fortyseven
barangays which comprise the whole Roxas City. They serve as the main actors in this
Policy since they are the main producers of solid wastes, as well as they are the key for the
successful implementation of the Ordinance if they will abide with the provisions of the
Ordinance which may results to the preservation of our environment.
After a thorough examination of the first draft and the final policy the changes are the following:
First, the Pulis Kapalibutan which refers to a person authorized by law, such as those deputized
by the City or Barangay to enforce all general and local laws pertaining to the protection of the
environment; and the Bantay Kapalibutan Task Force which refers to the City’s policy-making
body empowered to oversee and regulate the implementation of Republic Act No. 9003, and
the Creation of the City Bantay Kapalibutan Task Force and Barangay Solid Waste
Management Committee was omitted and their roles and functions were given to the City
Environment and Natural Resources Office tasked to monitor and implement provisions of this
ordinance, enforce all general and local laws on the protection of the environment.
While the Designated Collection Site/Common Bin; the Garbage Service Charge to those that
requests for special trips and collection will be charged based on the following rate: Residential
Wastes-1) Mini dump truck – P5,000.000 2) 10-wheeler truck – P7,000.00, Commercial
Wastes- 1)Mini dump truck – P7,000.000, 2) 10-wheeler truck – P10,000.00, Condominium
Wastes- 1) Mini dump truck – P7,000.000, 2) 10-wheeler truck – P10,000.00,
Industrial/Manufacturing Establishments- 1) Mini dump truck – P7,000.000, 2) 10-wheeler However, if
all actors’ enumerated in this policy will perform their respective responsibility it
will be possible that all will be consider as winners, and no one will be losers since all of us will
enjoy the advantage of living in pollution free environment.