The message

GABRIEL VICTOR | The Messenger

Where could be this so-called “far away land,” as mentioned by the Messiah 2000 plus years ago?

All we can do now is make a good guess based on empirical analysis. What could be the assumptions based on historical evidence:

Blessed land (spiritual and material)

Blessed of people who clamor for a messiah

The Leader or the messenger or the messiah. Let us clarify the matter that this leader is not limited to one person alone. A succession of leadership among the chosen ones. Could there be a One?

Example: King Saul, King David, King Solomon, and the King of the Jews. So there were four kings. The fourth king is a bad omen in Chinese and Japanese belief. Death and Sufferings. That is why the Messiah and Rabbi Jesus died on the Cross. Fulfillment of the prophecy.

Now the far away land where could it be China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, etc?

Let us try to see if our dear Philippines fits this prophecy. The blessed land of both category spiritual and material.


The collective consciousness that hovers in the ether and subtlety moving into the heart of the Filipinos.

Some groups say they are the chosen ones and the Philippines is the chosen land.

Someone in Manila says they were the blessed people for the “Ibong Mandaragit is their leader.

Again in Mt. Banahaw the people of various “saecula secolorum” sect worship the mountain and says this is the New Jerusalem (comprising hundreds of thousands of memberships).

In the book of one professor from UP wrote that our Heroes were antingeros. Branded by the Mother Church as
evil and cultist

To name some, Gen. Antonio Luna, Gen. Macario Sakay, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, and our very own Dr. Jose Rizal (not an antingero but a member of the Masonry)and so forth.

In our time there is a charismatic leader who knew the bible, form Pampanga who seems to attract followers and made an enemy of another religious organization.

We have then again in Mindanao who says, he is the one another religious group.

Let us go to our conservative place. Do you know that in Rome there is a problem in the priesthood? And if they wish a priest they ask a priest from Panay Island.

Now we have a Cardinal form Capiz? Is it an accident?

A rumor says that during the time of Pope Paul II that the one who guarded the secret of the Vatican are guarded by Visayan Priests and Nuns.

Do you know that there was a time that the church decision was divided into a vote due to a Filipino priest and a foreigner for some sensitive issues?

Do you know when Pope John II was hit by a bullet in the Vatican Square a Filipino group says Holy Father we are from the Philippines and their history was done?

Do you know that before Pope John Paul II decided to go to the Philippines? He went to Sister Lucia.

I could have cited so many stories but some are so sensitive that let history opens the gates when it is time.

Material: I will only cite some places. If it is a blessed land. It must possess something tangible for the people. This is our land.
Gold in Baguio
Gold in Mindanao
Gold in Ilocos
Gold in Panggasinan
Gold in Mindoro (Mina de Oro)
Gold in Bicol
Oil in Palawan
Gold in Batangas
Gold in Mindanao (One TV station had shown it before)
How about the Visayan area could it have gold?

In one simple place Maayon.

Do you know Why China is interested in the Philippines?

Because the entire country is sitting in oil. Do you know in Bataan there is a nuclear plant, it means we have uranium.

In all these things mentioned maybe. The Creator of the Universe made a mistake in placing gold, oil, nuclear, and other important rare items in the Philippines.

Did the Heavenly Father make a mistake?*