The Philippines (Blessed land gone)


In my previous messages, I mentioned the chosen land, chosen people, and now the chosen leaders.

I mentioned that there was a candidate from Capiz where history said otherwise. An alternate came, Duterte. After him, the next one is sure to come as the second King. The Soul of King David. This is a pattern that was due to Israel.

Carl Jung called it “Collective Consciousness,” others called it Buddhist and Hindu called it the “Wheel of Karma.”

Now this next leader will have several enemies: politicians, religious sectors, extremists from Mindanao and the kilusan.

China will watch him, is he pro or not? The kilusan will be forced to balance things if they will vote for him or not. The new generation will be for him.

Another question is he a “he” or a “she.”

For in an alternate future, the second king is not a king but a Queen. If the man will fail, then a queen will seat in Malacanang.

The future is not set and the future is not a reality yet.

That is why God says to the Israelites if they will not change their ways I will hand them to their enemies.

The coming second King has a herculean task ahead of him. He must appease China, go with the Americans, feel the sentiments of the kilusan, and present the corrupt military and government officials.

There were many contenders for president, the most controversial is “The man from the north.” Let us not be complacent for the “Man from the South” will come. And if the Man from the North failed to pacify all the powers. Then, the Man from the South will surely come.

If our country failed to produce a small unit of 36 tzadikim or righteous man, then the “Man from the South will surely come.*