The Santo Niño boy of Tapaz: Aron Exmundo Aquidado

The Municipality of Tapaz celebrating its 65 th annual fiesta dubbed Sirinadya Festival on January 28, 2024
in honor of Sr. Sto. Nino. This year’s theme “Senior Sto. Nino “Hope of People”.
The highlight of the event was the coronation of live Sto. Nino, a boy who was chosen by the Sto. Nino
Association every year.
This year’s Sto. Nino is Aron Exmundo Aquidado, son of Atty. Reisa Marie Exmundo and Engr. Alijoh
Aries M. Aquidado.
The family of the Sto. Nino believed that having chosen as Sto. Nino, great blessing are coming away
despite of trial and they have gone through.
Tapaz mayor Roberto Palomar said that this year’s Sirinadya celebration are showing Tapaznons strong
faith and devotion to Sto. Nino.