The Things We Take for Granted Today

Roxas City—Our recent interview with City Councilor Midelo Ocampo made us realize this: the things we do today would catch up with us later.

In particular, the things we do today–the way we take our environment for granted–will turn up as problems tomorrow and make things difficult for us in the future.

As has been seen lately, flooding has been prevalent across the city’s thoroughfares after heavy rains.

Some attributed this to properties clogging the pathway to the creek and urban poor housing lacking drainage systems.

After heavy downpours, streets easily get flooded and we all suffer.

It should be said here that everyone is part of the problem—indeed, it is everyone’s responsibility to dispose of their solid waste properly.

A tiny moment of convenience that happens out of laziness and pure ignorance in the form of improperly disposing trash leads to the bigger inconvenience of floods around us.

Property developers must consider this a wake-up call to do more research on waterways and find ways to do business without compromising our sewerage and waterways.

While the government can call out property owners to unclog waterways, we the public also need to religiously practice disposing of our own garbage.

We have to work on this together.