‘There’s money in robotics’

By Edith B. Colmo

Julius Rex Rapil Quindingan, head game developer of Roblox Corporation, an international game application developer, ignited the high school students to earn money through robotics.
As a guest speaker during the robotics symposium sponsored by the Rotary Club of Metro Roxas in
cooperation with the Capiz National High School, held at the said school recently, Quindingan encouraged the students to utilize their idle time in producing robotics as this simple and easy project is
income generating.
He said he earns $90,000 per month from robotics.
“Make use of your computer skills in making robotics games, or other items that can amaze
people,” Quindingan also said.
Aniano Orap-Orap Jr., president of Metro Roxas Rotary Club, the robotics project of the club was started by Rotarian Donnel San Antonio, the club’spast president, who linked with a Korean Rotarian offering support for projects.
Since then, the robotics project was adopted at the Capiz National High School and project beneficiary of the Club, with the students of Science, Technology and Livelihood, and engineering students as participants.
The materials used by the students in the robotics projects are funded by Global Grant amounting to $41,250 or P22.1 million.
Aniano said this project is giving the children a brighter future.*