Traveling during the pandemic

By “traveling” on my end here, I don’t mean only local travels but even beyond that. Thus,  even with the threat of Covid-19 still with us, I mustered enough courage to decide to go to the United States before 2021 ends.

And I was able to make it braving the threat of Covid-19. (Actually, I am writing this aboard a newly acquired Philippine Airlines  Airbus 321 – 200 on November 3 on a 15-hour direct flight from Manila to New York). But not after some, shall I say, difficulties or hassles (?) involved.

It started with the renewal of my passport. As early as July, I was already trying to get an appointment with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in Iloilo only to be scheduled on November 26. Which means I could not leave before that date. But by a stroke of luck, DFA opened a limited schedule of appointments. I got September 16 slot only to be rescheduled on Oct. 1. Okay lang. At least close enough.

After this was ticketing. The current fare was double the previous regular fare which needed several requirements. One of which is the RT-PCR test.

Well, I complied them all, that is why I am now on board my flight. I am not sure in my port of entry in the States if there are other requirements but I was told it was not so strict especially if one is fully vaccinated.

Well, one of the perks that I got on this trip was when I was upgraded from economy or coach class to business class for a minimal cost. What a relief when I learned of the upgrade considering that this is a very long haul of a flight.

We will be touching down shortly and it’s time to get ready. New York City, are you asleep now that it’s almost midnight? Uh oh. I remember you are known and popular for being a “city that doesn’t mean sleep.” 

Arrivederci New York!*