Tumlos sets priorities for Pontevedra

By Edith B. Colmo

PONTEVEDRA mayor-elect Henry Tumlos has laid down his priority programs which were based on his consultations with his constituents.
During the campaign period, Tumlos said four to five kilos of rice will be distributed every month to families in the municipality, but to realize this, he first needs to seek approval from the members of the
Sangguniang Bayan.
Also, Tumlos is looking to address the housing problem in the lowland, and water in the upland barangays.
Further, Tumlos will focus on the development of the municipality, especially its perennial flooding problem, which can be addressed by dredging the river basin to allow the floodwaters to continuously flow.
He also said he will look into the benefits of the barangay tanods and health workers, as
well as the senior citizens.
He will also improve the tourism program of the town by organizing the sectoral groups for livelihood endeavors and support.
Tumlos was undefeated barangay captain in Barangay Lantangan, Pontevedra, an agriculturist by profession, and a farmer by vocation.*