What are Settlement Areas?

When we talk of Settlement Areas, we are referring to the town center or Poblacion, other urban barangays, rural settlements and the place of the ethnic groups or indigenous people. It is also known as the “space for the living”.
The town center or Poblacion is the nerve center of the social and political life of the town. It is a symbol of the identity of the residents.
There are focal points found in the town center.
They are the city or municipal hall and related buildings for government administration; the
parish church or churches or mosque; the central business district (CBD) or public markets
and the central plaza.
The Residential Pattern reflects the decision of the Government and Estate Developers. The concern
is primarily focused on the promotion of health and safety for its residents. The location must be free from natural and man-made hazards and to have a healthy and pleasant environment.
Another concern relates to its nearness to employment, schools, park, market, shopping and community level services including public easements of the roads and streets providing for a safe environment
adequate facilities. In short, it is to have that ideal concept of “neighborhood unit”.
This is a challenge for LGUs on how to reorganize and conform to the concept of “neighborhood unit” and hierarchical pattern of an integrated residential pattern of settlement.