What is the role of LGUs in the environment?


EnP Salim B. Biclar, MPM

Every local government unit is mandated under the Local Government Code of 1991 (RA 7160, Sec. 447, 458, 468) to protect and conserve natural resources, hence, Programs, Projects and Activities (PPAs) must be in consonance with its provisions to include among others, the following:
a) To declare, prevent or abate any nuisance;
b) Require that buildings and the premises thereof and any land within the LGU be kept and maintained in a sanitary condition;
c) Regulate the disposal of clinical and other wastes from hospitals, clinics and other similar establishments;
d) Provide for the establishment, maintenance, protection and conservation of communal forest and watersheds, tree parks, green belts, mangroves and other forest development projects;
e) Regulate the consumption, use and wastage of water;
f) Regulate the consumption, repair and maintenance of public drains, sewers, cesspools, tunnels and similar structures; construction and use of private water closets, privies and other similar structures in buildings and homes;
g) Provide an efficient and effective system of solid waste and garbage collection and disposal, prohibit littering and the placing of throwing of garbage, refuse and other filth and wastes.*