Who’s liable for the death of 32 dogs and 2 cats in Happy Homes, Sibaguan?

Roxas City—On the night of July 24, 2020, the residents of Happy Homes subdivision in Bgy. Sibaguan here found their dogs and cats, totaling 34, lying all over the place, dead.

“I was shocked when one of our residents came to me and accused me and the officers of the homeowners’ association of poisoning their dog” said Julius Figueroa.

Immediately, Figueroa went to Fryan Vergabera, vice president of the Happy Homes Homeowners’ Association. They made an ocular inspection of the entire subdivision around 7 p.m. that same night. They were shocked when they found more dogs lying dead on every street of the subdivision.

“While doing our inspection, we met the chief of the security of Pueblo de Panay. There we saw dead dogs in the back of a pickup truck. Not very far from where we stood, he threw a piece of (green or blue) meat to a dog. Within minutes, the dog had seizures, fell and died. When we asked him what they have done, he said, “it is our routine.”

Vergabera said he saw a boy, a son of a neighbor who was crying because he saw his dog having seizure before it died.

The officers of the homeowners’ association met and decided to have the incident reported to the police station. When the officers went to the Roxas City Police Station, they were told to have the complaint filed in the Barangay Hall because it was in the barangay level.

When they went to the Sibaguan Barangay Hall, they were then told to file their complaint in Barangay Dayao, where the said PdP’s chief of security resides.

To date, private individuals and groups have offered assistance to the homeowners association to seek accountability for the death of their domestic animals. (Mila Barquin)