Witnessing Climate Change

Living in the heart of Roxas City, specifically in Barangay Bolo, I can’t help but
observe the subtle signs of climate change.
As heavy rain pours down on Bolo while neighboring barangays remain dry, the
reality of our changing climate becomes evident.
Walking through the rain-soaked streets, it’s clear that the weather patterns we once
knew are evolving.
This isn’t just a random downpour—it’s a piece of a larger puzzle reflecting the shifts
in our climate.
Indeed, the climate is becoming more unpredictable and affecting different areas in
various ways.
As we navigate these changes, it’s crucial to recognize that what’s happening is not
isolated. It’s part of a broader picture of environmental transformation that demands
our attention. Whether it’s adapting our infrastructure or implementing sustainable
practices, the time to address these changes is now.
In the face of such weather disparities among barangays, our community must come
together to understand and mitigate the impacts of climate change.
This isn’t just a concern for scientists or policymakers; it’s a reality that touches us
Let this rainy day in Bolo serve as a reminder that climate change is not a distant
threat—it’s knocking on our doors, affecting our daily lives.
Together, we can foster resilience, promote sustainable practices, and ensure a
better future for Roxas City and beyond.