Correct usage of he’s and she’s


HE’S is the contraction of HE and IS and of HE and HAS.

SHE’S is the contraction of SHE and IS and also of SHE and HAS.

Choose the equivalent of the contractions HE’S and SHE’S in the following sentences.

  1. Marjorie Holmes is a famous American writer. She (She has, She is) written several best sellers.
  2. I admire my former teacher, now in his early nineties, for (he has, he is) growing old gracefully.
  3. The boss gives due recognition to his secretary for she’s (she has, she is) an asset to the company.
  4. He (He has, He is) been busy lately – writing his memoirs.
  5. Your father needs you. He’s ( He has, He is) been looking forward to seeing you.
  6. A working student is admired for what he’s (he has, he is) done to cope with the need of the times.
  7. We remember our mother for what she’s (she has, she is) done to uphold family solidarity.
  8. She’s (She has, She is) here everyday to give us moral support.
  9. She’s (She has, She is) worked diligently all these years.
  10. She’s (She has, She is) writing her autobiography.
  11. She’s(She has, She is) hardworking and trustworthy.
  12. Unbelievable! He’s (He has, He is ) been soliciting financial help for himself despite his affluence.


  1. She has
  2. he is
  3. she is
  4. He has
  5. He has
  6. he has
  7. she has
  8. She is
  9. She has
  10. She is
  11. She is
  12. He has


Study the context of the sentence.

HE’S stands for HE IS and SHE’S for SHE IS if the contraction is followed by the ING form of the verb. (See sentences 2 and 10.) Also, if the contraction is followed by an adjective, an adverb, adverbial phrase, an article plus a noun. (See sentences 3, 8, and 11).

HE’S stands for HE HAS and SHE’S for SHE HAS If the contraction is followed by BEEN and other past participle forms of verb. (See sentences 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 12).*