How to Improve the Writing Skills of Students

A big part of the life of students is writing. From answering their home works in complete sentences to making essays, reaction papers, poems and up to their first thesis. Even in math, they need to write down their final
answers for problem-solving questions.

Instead of just doing their tasks to avoid reprimand from their teachers, students need to have a more positive outlook for writing activities. It is an essential part to develop their communication skills and be able to organize their thoughts and express them effectively. Here, it is not the sole duty of the English teacher to help improve the writing skills of the students. Every teacher must be able to exemplify quality writing and communication skills in general.

The best way to improve writing is to read and of course to write.

In reading, we are able to explore various writing techniques. Students will be able to observe the use of punctuations, spelling and structure of the paragraphs as compared to merely listening to dialogue in movies and video clips.

Then in writing, they can practice and practice. They have to plan or create an outline to serve as a guide. As they write, they become conscious of their output. They too have to proof-read and edit their own work. With the help of teachers, they feel more at ease in writing, note their mistakes and establish their own writing style.

It will take time, but surely, there will be an improvement in their work. The dedication of teachers will reflect in their students. On their part, students have to be diligent and persistent. Even without assignments from their teachers, they can maintain a daily journal or diary. It will not only help them in their writing, but will be a way to express their thoughts and
feelings and become more creative.

Now may be the best time than any to start. As students are confined in their homes, they can start their journal, write about their passion and things that interest them, or maybe even write poems and short stories.