Lessons on Integrity

It’s been a long and challenging year for the whole world. No one was spared from the COVID-19 pandemic; the youth and vulnerable sector was most affected by the community quarantines that were imposed. With this, education was put on hold until a “new” system could be implemented to protect the students and teachers. Because of the dedication and persistence of our leaders, classes were able to continue remotely through various
blended learning modalities.

Math, Science, English, Filipino and other subjects; yes, lessons continued and students kept on learning. But perhaps the most important lesson that students need to learn, is a lesson on integrity.

While presented as a joke, parents answering the modules for students is not that far from the truth. A common excuse would be that the modules are simply too difficult for students. Of course, there is a need for supervision and guidance from parents and guardians, but the level of difficulty is appropriate for the grade level of the students. We are left to wonder what the true reasons are behind this behavior. It’s not just the modules, there are also performance tasks, activities and exams. Just how far are parents willing to go, for the grades of their children?

And here is a vital lesson for everyone. Parents and other primary guardians serve as role models for the students. They set the standards for what is right and wrong. Students will learn better under their guidance, and not by doing their school work for them. They need to teach values and good morals. Even the mere act of truly paying attention during an online class is underrated.

There are standards of behavior that students need to uphold even in their own homes. They need to be honest, and do their work diligently. This perhaps is the most challenging part of remote learning, but it is also the most valuable lesson.