Maintaining Good Work Ethic in School

During this time of crisis brought about by the Corona Virus Disease-19 (Covid-19) pandemic, I would like to shed light on some of the values and good practices that can be cultivated by us, teachers.

I think that we must recognize how this new normal takes toll on our emotional health. With the absence of students in our campuses, we are prone to developing new lifestyle or habit within and/or among ourselves.

Because we are given too much space or time to accomplish our paperwork these days, some of us might experience boredom. Because we are not physically exhausted anymore as we probably were in the past—before this pandemic—we will have more energy to accomplish our tasks. But sadly, some teachers will be prone to using such energy for counterproductive activities.

More than anything, I would warn teachers to avoid the practice of small talk or even gossiping. Some of us who are used to “sharing so much information” with our fellow teachers will certainly have all the time in the world not only to chat but for tit-for-tat. Such habits, if left uncontrolled or unmonitored, are certainly counterproductive, not only to us but to everyone in the school.

If it becomes worse, it also sounds so much like another counterproductive practice: procrastination. That tendency to set to do tasks later because of other unimportant thing which leads to delays if not lack of accomplishment in the end.

Instead, I encourage ourselves, teachers, to consider our tasks and responsibilities and study our schedules, bending them every now and then but still sticking to the deadlines.

We can also lessen the time spent for social media themselves. We are telling our students that they are so addicted to social media when we ourselves are guilty of these things.

Instead it is best for us to make use of our free time—these days—to finish our tasks first. First things first, so to speak. And so if they are done already, we can also have other pursuits. Besides social media, we also need to avoid playing arcade games on our gadgets. Well, for leisure, playing games is also good to break the monotony of our activities but it should not be overdone or done almost everyday or every time.

Instead see to our records and look for ways to make our systems or ways of doing things efficient. We can also work hard to improve our teaching materials further so that our students will benefit in the end.

And finally, in terms of cultivating the right attitude, I urge us to be resilient and instill in us the strength and optimism to weather the odds and challenges being posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are also serving the school best if we exercise sensitivity and responsiveness when relating to the parents and our learners. Let us keep these admirable attitudes for them to be amazed by our consistency. By these, we will be able to create more impact on them and the community.