‘May be’ vs. ‘Maybe’

Did you know that there is a big difference between ‘maybe’ and ‘may be’? The single word “maybe” is an adverb. It is synonymous with “perhaps” and “possibly.” For example: MAYBE the doctor is right that your health is dependent on your lifestyle.

On the other hand, “may be”, written as two words, is a verb phrase that expresses possibility. For example: The doctor MAY BE right that your health is dependent on your lifestyle.

Complete the following sentences by filling in “maybe” or “may be.”

1. The cure for COVID-19 _______ attributed to a Filipino.
2. ______ God reminds us to take care of and not waste our many blessings.
3. Some government officials _____ slow but are precise in making decisions.
4. ______ some guests will be with us next week.
5. Some guests ______ with us next week.
6. Who ________ the right person to guide us during these turbulent times?
7. The food abundant today _______ scarce tomorrow.
8. To maintain our sanity, _____ all of us need a break.

1. may be 2. maybe 3. may be 4. maybe
5. may be 6. may be 7. may be. 8. maybe

This may help you choose the appropriate word: Use MAYBE if it can be changed to PERHAPS. For example: Maybe the rumor is true. Perhaps the rumor is true. However, we cannot use “perhaps” for “may be” in “The rumour may be true.”