Motivating Students of Remote Learning

As we become more comfortable with the new normal, there has undoubtedly been a lot of changes in our lives, particularly in the field of education. With all things considered, the best way to contain the pandemic and keep the academic community safe was to implement remote learning options. In this setup however, students continue to feel isolated and idle, which can have certain impacts on their performance in school and overall development.

In an attempt to motivate their children, parents may continue on their tried and tested methods that may either involve some incentives or for others, some intimidation. While at first, it appears to be effective, it could merely provide a temporary boost. Students need to have sustained drive especially when their world is at a standstill.

Guardians and educators should steer them towards the right direction instead. They should be given a positive outlook about their studies and have an appreciation of its value to their lives. Students need to establish that motivation themselves in order to achieve their full potential.

Even with simple words of encouragement; a kind smile or an approving nod; or through positive reinforcement, students will become more eager and engaged in their school work. They feel that their work is appreciated and valued, and that they too are important.

And whenever they do show their enthusiasm, let us give them an opportunity to be involved. Be it a simple class discussion or a major school project, students will have a sense of belonging that will further develop their character.

Yet, as always, parents and teachers should serve as role models. In this pandemic, we should take an optimistic stance. Even as we acknowledge the threat around us, let us exemplify resilience and hope for the youth. Let us demonstrate good values and habits for them to adapt and allow them to find their own way under our care and guidance.