Parents as Home Facilitators

Who would have thought that the old normal setting in education will swiftly shift into remote teaching through different learning modalities? Who would have thought that homes could have been at par with the classroom milieu as a learning space?

As we continue to curb the spread of COVID-19, education must continue. Most learning institutions have adopted the modular learning modality, which situates learners to learn in the comfort of their homes, parents or guardians play an active role in the learning process. Their role as parents is not only bound to their homes but active participation in school activities too particularly in this time of the pandemic. Parental encouragement and involvement have significantly played a crucial role in the success of the learners, especially now that homes have been the safest haven for students as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose a health threat among us.

Now more than ever, teachers-parents partnership in the education of learners must be intensified as parents serve as
home facilitators. Their role is not to teach the subject matter but to establish a connection with the teachers to properly guide the learner; prepare a conducive learning space for the learner; and give appropriate praises, encouragement, and rewards to heighten their child’s motivation to learn.

We, parents and teachers, must come together in the mission to give the best possible education despite this pandemic. We should ensure that every child should learn and should learn excellently without compromising his/her safety. I salute all the parents who give their extra mile of effort just to support the education of their children, who at the moment are still adjusting to the new normal.

Parents who encourage and motivate their children to learn will eventually be developed as life-long learners. This pandemic will never stop us from providing education for our learners. We will think of many innovations on how we could deliver the education they deserve. In finding ways to fulfill this mission, we need to build a stronger community that empowers each one, supports everyone, and cooperates with everyone for a greater outcome. Remember, a child’s education is not merely the teachers’ or the school’s responsibility, but also the community’s. So, let’s be one in this fight.