Passion for education

The glass is either half full or half empty; it’s always been about our perspective in life. We can choose to complain and
whine or make the most of what we have. Either way, our actions will determine if the glass will become full or run dry.

Teachers are teachers because they have a passion for education. They may have started off with different reasons but eventually they come to bond with their students and would do whatever they can for them. Every teacher would want their students to succeed. They know that the world is full of opportunities, and this may be the most important lesson that they have to teach.

It is difficult to see the silver lining in this pandemic when students are overwhelmed. Their mental, emotional, social and even spiritual well being is taking a huge toll. This is how necessary their education is. It makes sure that they continue to grow more mature and responsible. Education prepares them for adulthood. Unfortunately, they tend to take this for granted and often see a glass half empty especially when they feel pressured to get high grades. It doesn’t help when it feels like a competition with their peers.

This is why teachers and parents need to cultivate the students’ passion for education. They need to recognize its role in their life right now and in their future careers. It is not a mere right of passage, but an indispensable factor in helping them succeed. They should come to appreciate it and value it.

The glass has always been half full. Even in traditional face to face classes, there are students skipping school and failing to turn in their work. Blended learning is not the main reason for poor performance in academics, rather, it is the lack of appreciation for education.