Refresher no. 12 on the correct use of words: ‘Errors repeatedly committed in speech and writing’

Choose the appropriate word/phrase to complete each sentence.

  1. (Full-fledged, full-pledged) professors may apply for the housing loan offered by the university.
  2. A law graduate becomes a (full-fledged, full-pledged) lawyer when he passes the bar examinations.
  3. Some employees cannot (cope with, cope up with) the demands of their job.
  4. Filipino families find means to (cope with, cope up with) the prevailing problems brought about by the pandemic.
  5. Many students finish their studies (despite, inspite of) their lack of resources.
  6. ( Despite, Despite of) the rain, the farmers continued harvesting their produce.
  7. The applicant failed to get the job (in spite of, despite of) a politician’s recommendation.
  8. A policeman caught the (pickpocket, pickpocketer) in the act.
  9. The parents won’t travel and their children won’t (also, either).
  10. My grandson can’t visit us this year. My granddaughter can’t visit us (also, either).
  11. Full-fledged
  12. full-fledged
  13. cope with
  14. cope with
  15. despite
  16. Despite
  17. In spite of
  18. pickpocket
  19. either
  20. either

FULL-PLEDGED does not exist; don’t use it. FULL-FLEDGED is an adjective. It means “having full status” as in a full-fledged nurse, a full-fledged professional; “fully developed” as in full-fledged family history.
Write IN SPITE as two words. The phrase is IN SPITE OF. It means the same as DESPITE.
DESPITE stands alone. It does not need TO after it.
IN SPITE OF and DESPITE may be used interchangeably. Ex. I’ll be there DESPITE the rain. I’ll be there IN SPITE OF the rain.
A thief who picks pockets is called a PICKPOCKET.
EITHER is the equivalent of ALSO, TOO, and AS WELL in negative statements. It usually comes at the end of the sentence. Examples: My friend speaks Spanish. I speak Spanish too. For the negative statements: My friend does not speak Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish EITHER.
My friend is a Filipino. I am also a Filipino. Negative: My friend is not an American. I’m not an American EITHER.*