Refresher no. 2 on the correct use of words

Errors are oftentimes committed in the use of words having similarities in spelling or pronunciation but not in meaning.

Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.

  1. What is the (affect, effect) of smoking to one’s health?
  2. Does a clerk’s attitude towards work (affect, effect ) his performance?
  3. The Covid-19 pandemic (affects, effects) our way of life.
  4. A person’s behavior has a tremendous (affect, effect) on his personality.
  5. It isn’t safe to pass through a dark (alley, ally).
  6. A politician is fortunate to have an ( alley, ally) in that rebellious group.
  7. Are you sure your (alley, ally) will defend you during critical times?
  8. An (alley, ally) was put up to accommodate passersby.
  9. The promotion policy of the company (affects, effects) the employees’ performance.
  10. The promotion policy of the company (affects, effects) a favorable change in the employees’ performance.
  11. effect
  12. affect
  13. affects
  14. effect
  15. alley
  16. ally
  17. ally
  18. alley
  19. affects
  20. effects
    ALLEY rhymes with VALLEY.
    An ALLEY is a narrow passageway. (See sentences 5 and 8).
    ALLY rhymes with APPLY.
    An ALLY is a close associate, supporter or friend. (See sentences 6 and 7).
    AFFECT (verb) means “to influence.” ( See sentences 2, 3, and 9).
    Used as a verb, EFFECT means “to bring about.” ( See sentence 10).
    Used as a noun, EFFECT means “result.” (See sentences 1 and 4).*