English with Ma’am Fe

Refresher No. 20 on Subject-Verb Agreement ‘Adjectives Used As Nouns(Subject of the Sentence)’

Choose the correct verb to complete the sentence.

1. The poor (needs, need) the help of the rich.

2. The good (receives, receive) special graces from God.

3. Sometimes the mighty also (experiences, experience) defeat.

4. The gifted (enjoys, enjoy) many privileges in life.

5. The wicked ( is, are ) punished for their evil deeds.

6. The good in us (prevails, prevail) when calamities occur.

7. The wicked in man (has, have) to be subdued.

8. The jobless (has grown, have grown) in number because of the pandemic.

9. The blind (is, are) taken care of by a government agency.

10. The best in my friend (was, were) apparent to his employer and co-workers.


1. need

2. receive

3. experience

4. enjoy

5. are

6. prevails

7. has

8. have grown

9. are

10. was

REMINDERS: -Adjectives used as nouns to represent groups of people take plural verbs. Don’t add “S” to adjectives used as nouns. Use the article “THE” before adjectives used as nouns. (See sentences 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, and 9.) – Use a singular verb if the adjective used as noun refers to traits or abstract qualities. (See sentences 6, 7, and 10.)