Refresher no. 28 on the correct use of words: ‘Choose, chose, chosen’

English with Ma’am Fe

Choose the appropriate word to complete each sentence.

1. Have you (choose, chose, chosen) the best brand of milk for your baby?

2. I (choose, chose, chosen) avocado as my dessert yesterday.

3. My friend has (choose, chose, chosen) a foreigner among her suitors.

4. The secretary was (choose, chose, chosen) to represent the company during the barangay meeting.

5. What career did you (choose, chose, chosen) after your high school graduation?

6. Even our young children (choose, chose, chosen) their leader when they play.

7. Who does not (choose, chose, chosen) a career that gives him a good future?

8. A prudent speaker (choose, chooses, chose, chosen) his words carefully.

9. We (choose, chose, chosen) the food we want to eat.

10. Were you (choose, chose, chosen) to represent your class in speech contests during your high school days?

11. The child may (choose, chose, chosen) what he likes to eat.

12. Which should the winner (choose, chose, chosen) between the two prizes offered to him?















  • The verb CHOOSE is irregular. Its simple past tense form is CHOSE (See sentence 2).
  • Its past participle form is CHOSEN. It is usually paired with the helping verbs IS, WAS, WERE, HAS, HAVE,HAD, BE, BEEN (See sentences 1,3,4, and 10). More examples: has been CHOSEN, will be CHOSEN, is being CHOSEN.
  • In the present tense, use CHOOSE if the subject is plural. Use it also for the pronouns I and YOU (See sentences 6 and 9).
  • Use CHOOSES in the present tense if the subject is singular (See sentence 8).
  • Always use the base form CHOOSE if it is paired with the helping verbs DO, DOES, DID, CAN, WILL, MAY, SHOULD, etc. (See sentences 5, 7, 11, and 12).
  • CHOSE rhymes with FROZE, HOSE, NOSE.
  • CHOOSE rhymes with OOZE, BOOZE.
  • CHOSEN rhymes with FROZEN.*