Remembering the great Capisnons in our history

On May 4, 2021, Bombo Radyo Roxas reported that the statue of General Esteban D. Contreras at the Provincial Park was vandalized by unknown preparators.

This crime was committed a week before the 157th birth anniversary of Gen. Contreras.

Fortunately, the provincial government immediately repaired the damaged statute days before his birthday.

But aside from Gen. Contreras, President Manuel A. Roxas, Jovita Fuentes, Senator Jose C. Altavas, and Daisy Hontiveros-Avellana, there were many great Capisnon men and women who fought for our freedom and brought honor to the Province of Capiz.

In the Philippine Revolution, individuals worth mentioning were Domingo Franco y Tuason of Mambusao, General Juan Arce and Colonel Ruperto Arce of Sigma, Col. Pascual Barza and Lt. Flaviano Bellosillo of Panay, Capt. Potenciano Delfin of Panitan, Dionisia and Ceferino Bacanto of Pilar, Macario Lucso of Jamindan, Jose M. Castro and the Batallon de Infantil of Dumalag.

During the Philippine-American War, there are the names of General Saturnino Javillo and Donato Jamison of Sigma and Col. Ramon S. Hontiveros of Mambusao.

Some of the guerrilla fighters who fought against the Imperial Japanese Army during the Japanese Occupation that need to be recognized were Pvt. Delfin Villonico of Panitan, PFC Solomon Astrologia (Tanque, Roxas, Roxas City), Pvt. Cesar B. Avelino (Roxas City), 3rd Lt. Jayme A. Alba (Sigma), Cpl. Alfredo Funa (Duran, Dumalag), Pfc. Juan Villeza Jagnaya, Jamindan), 3rd Lt. Tejido J. Francisco (Sigma), Pvt. Conrado Bajo, Cabugao, Pontevedra, Pvt. Jesus C. Alimen (Parian, Sigma), 3rd Lt. Jesus M. Diaz (Dao), 1st Jesus S. Freires (Dumalag), Capt. Laureano R. Frial (Dumalag), 2nd Lt. Eulogio V. Andaya (Mambusao), 1st Lt. Jose M. Corcino (Mambusao), 1st Lt. Jose V. Tupaz (Mambusao), 3rd Lt. Eduardo M. Villareal (Mambusao), Capt. Manuel D. Roxas (Panay), 2nd Lt. Roberto D. Delfin (Panitan), Capt. Alberto A. Arnaldo (Roxas City), 1st Lt. Federico A. Exmundo (Sigma), and Capt. Jose G. Falco (Tapaz).

Aside from our freedom fighters, there were also unknown Capisnon personalities who need to be recognized.

They were Governor Simplicio Jugo Vidal for his role and contribution in the Propaganda Movement in Madrid; Atty. Josepha “Josefa” Abiertas of Roxas City for her trailblazing feminist movement in the Philippines; Vicente Carmona of Roxas City, the first Filipino Treasurer (1919-1926) and longest President of the Philippine National Bank; Jose Andrada of Ivisan, the first commanding officer of the Philippine Navy; and 1st Lieutenant Emilio M. Bataga of Pilar, the first Capisnon to graduate at United States Naval Academy, Anapolis, Maryland, United States in 1925; and Mayor Leoncia Abella Vito-Villanoy of Sigma, the first Lady Mayor of Capiz and for her civil resistance against the Japanese Occupation.

There are many more Capisnons to be added to the roster of great men and women whose lives and deeds are worth remembering by our generation and the next generations to come.

These stories and trailblazing achievements reflect how great our province. Therefore, I urged the local historians and local officials to collaborate in making sure that their stories will not be left out in the dustbins of our history.

Every Capisnon student deserves to discover great men and women in their towns that are worthy to be emulated and a source of inspiration during these trying times.*