Should English Teaching be Structured or More Casual?

Learning English has become more important than ever before because of the internet, the use of the language in the professional world, and with a more globalized workplace wherein companies on the world wide web willing to hire people anywhere in the planet.

However, the proficiency of the Philippines when it comes to the English language seems to be declining. From 13th place in 2016, 15th place in 2017, 14th place in 2018 and 20th place in 2019, the country ranks 20th in Education First’s (EF) English Proficiency Index.

This above-mentioned trend raises the question: should teaching English be structured and formal or should it be more

With teaching more formal, the process would be more strategic. A certain pattern would have to be followed. Certain materials do have to be used and it would be something that teachers would have to stick with.

Being more casual means that there is more flexibility. It is less formal but as long as it helps the students learn, it would be helpful. While the materials suggested to be used should be integrated, the students’ interest can also be integrated in the discussion or be the focus of the teaching medium.

I say that we would need to mix in the things that the students are interested in even if these are not included in the topics recommended for the teaching of the English language because it helps in making your teaching resonate with the students more, the content becomes more relatable, and it helps grab their attention. Also, there are a lot of people who learn the English language through games, movies, music, series, sports, and other forms of media which the students find as their type of content and their type of fun.

To make learning English more enjoyable for the students, we need to make sure that we speak their language (a colorful way of saying that we need to match their interests).