The Academic Year So Far

The year 2020 is coming to an end. For a lot of us, it has been too much, too soon. But for others, it was a very uneventful year where they were made to simply stay home. The academic community have their own experience to share in this unusual setup. Students, teachers and parents worked together in pursuit of education.

There was certainly a lot of apprehension on the capability of our government to address both the pandemic and education at the same time. Everyone was aware of the limited resources of our countries. This, coupled by the fear for their health and wellbeing, was enough for some parents to forgo their children’s studies for the time being. Yet, somehow, classes re-opened and majority of students have now begun their well-deserved holiday break with a big sigh of relief.

Looking back, education was greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. From the abrupt closing of the previous school year, the delay in opening the current year, the blended learning arrangements and a still uncertain future, education faced a lot of challenges, but it also made several major breakthroughs.

In a few weeks, schools were able to update their systems, modify their curriculum, provide flexible learning arrangements for students and even opened various channels of communication with the parents. Although prompted by the pandemic, these could very well continue to be implemented and further improve the quality of education in our country.

It has been a rough start, but somehow, in our dedication and commitment, we are practically half-way through the school year. This is not yet the new normal. We are still in transition. There are still many of bumps and adjustments along the way, but we can be confident that whatever lies ahead for education, is better than we can imagine.