The How and Why of Pupil’s Low Performance in English

The English language has rooted itself in our heritage and continues to play a major role in our country’s educational system, economic status and society. We boasted of our proficiency and knowledge for years; it is even considered as one of our nation’s official language especially in the government and other vital organizations. Yet, it can be observed that students are exhibiting low performance in English along with a decline in
quality speakers.

First and most important are the English teachers themselves. Their role is indispensable as they serve as role models to the students. Mere memorization of grammar rules and spelling is not enough. They need to truly master communicating in English in every aspect. Only then will they be able to inspire the students and teach them what is correct.

To address this issue, we need to identify its causes, provide a solution and an appropriate intervention in order to assure high standards and better performance in the subject. There is plenty of room for improvement in both the side of teachers and students.

Students on their part may become overconfident and lazy in learning English. Even if they use the language on a regular basis, they lack appreciation on the importance of proper grammar, right spelling and tenses. Some would even ridicule those who attempt to correct them.

As with all skills that we need to learn, practice makes perfect. Pupils need to read, write and speak in English whenever they can. Reading materials should come from reputable authors with substantial subject matters. In writing and speaking, they can better organize their thoughts and gain more confidence. It is the teacher’s expertise that will be able to guide them correctly.

Finally, we need to stop seeing English as another subject in
school. The language is widely used all over the world and learning
it gives us a head start in whatever career we choose.