The Importance of Right Mindset for Students

This academic year has been quite a challenge. It has tested teachers and students alike with a new normal in
education. The opening of classes itself was quite a feat, and so far, it seems that we are going in the right direction. With no time to let up on our work, there is still so much we need to do. If we are to persist and succeed in our current predicament, we need to have the right mindset as we move forward.

This is especially important for students. After all, the effort of our government officials and local leaders was to
safeguard their education and thus pushed through with this conduct of this school year. We need to make sure that they are truly learning and acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge they need. Parents and teachers should be there to guide them and help them be able to perform their best in school and achieve their full potential despite this unprecedented setup.

Yet the weight of this responsibility falls on the students themselves. The success of the school year depends on what
they collectively accomplish. Being a particularly unique situation, it can be hard on students. This is why it is important
that they have a positive disposition in order to make the most of this school year.

This can be quite difficult under the circumstances. They feel isolated and disengaged as weeks of quarantine turned to
months and now a year. It gets taxing on their physical and mental health. Parents and teachers already have the best
interest of students in mind. Students have to recognize their part and be optimistic and grateful for the opportunity to pursue their education. We must not allow our anxiety to overcome us. Let us not underestimate how having the right attitude and positive perception can help us achieve our goals.