The Role of Parents in the New Normal

Now that the educational system has shifted dramatically—after the Corona Virus Disease-19 (Covid-19) pandemic—suddenly the parents have now assumed prominence, looming large in the educational horizon of their children, as it were. As if in the past they were not front-liners for their children’s education already.

As if in the past, they had not been working hard already to put their children to school and keep them there.

Then, they were probably just the unsung heroes behind their children’s achievements.

Parents now are the frontliners—even becoming students and/or learners themselves.

In the modular learning approach, they are now at the forefront of their children’s performance. They collect their learning materials from the teachers every week; they also submit their students’ requirements back to the teachers periodically.

They have become virtual messengers—vital conduits of the educational system—veins to the heart or arteries from the heart—so to speak. The picture is simply dramatic. They keep the educational system flowing in that sense.

Next, the parents do not stop there. They are the virtual teachers also when they get home. They are the ones who will actually lead the students—their children—to learn from the materials given to them.

While other older learners can now fend for themselves—parents are obliged to see to the learning of their young children. This is very true in the younger grades from kindergarten to Grade 3 where young learners still have to be led and guided accordingly.

Parents are also highly encouraged to monitor how their children can maximize the learning material and optimize learning. They must tell the students to read the lessons religiously so that they can answer the assessments successfully.

Here, there is always the dilemma of students immediately going to the answer key when dealing with the assessments—without having read the lessons first. Parents are bound to teach their children discipline when it comes to this if only to make learning happen.

Modular learning has now become the only way to teach to most learners—especially those with no access to internet. Even with the use of instructional videos for younger learners, suddenly parents are now important in having to instruct them in order to maximize learning.

Parents have now become not only proctors but teachers themselves. If in the past, it has been famously said that “teachers are the second parents”; now it should also be said that “parents are the new teachers”.