Things we can’t do anything about


There are certain things in life that we do not have any control over.

One of those things is us experiencing flooding.

The video of a part of Teodoro Arcenas Trade Center (TATC) being flooded that went viral on Facebook recently is disheartening as I am a “Batang Lipunan” (TATC was formerly known as Bagong Lipunan Trade Center).

I heard, based on my father’s rants, that some people/vendors were not being mindful of where they throw their trash and waste.

While it would be nice for the government to do something about this to end or mitigate the flooding (as they should), the people who visit and sell at the market should also be responsible for their waste disposal.

With global warming, conversion of waterways into land, and shoddy drainage systems, these are the things that we simply cannot change. What we can do individually is to throw our trash and waste properly.

Another thing that we cannot do anything about is premature campaigning.

There are social media that gives politicians the capacity to post anything.

These politicians have the money to splurge on doing a passive-aggressive reminder that they are running when they could have just either used or pooled the money to help our frontliners and the less fortunate. #priorities

What we can do now is take the time to research who to choose as the person with the moral ascendancy and intellectual capacity to take care of the public.*