Using Appropriate Words

As observed, a number of common words and expressions are still misused in speech and writing. Choose the appropriate words in the following sentences:

  1. Nowadays, parents listen to the (advice, advices) of their children.
    2. How many (personnel, personnels) does the Department of Health have?
    3. The government disseminates relevant (information, informations) on steps undertaken to safeguard the people’s health against Covid-19.
    4. It is wise to establish a system that will help us (cope up with, cope with) our office work.
    5. Please (dispose, dispose of) your garbage properly.
    6. Some fishpond operators buy bangus (fry, fries) from local fisher-folk.
    7. We look forward to a better future (despite, despite of) the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Do not add S to nouns like ADVICE (meaning counsel, opinion or suggestion for guidance), PERSONNEL, INFORMATION (referring to communication given), and FRY (young fish, young of some animals).

    PERSONNEL is a collective noun and may be used with a singular or plural verb depending on the meaning intended.

    ADVICES is used to refer to “news, information, or communication sent from a distance.”

    FRIES is the plural of FRY referring to fried food. Use DISPOSE OF if you mean “to throw or put away, to get rid of.” The idiom is COPE WITH; don’t use UP. DESPITE does not need OF.