What are Teachers Learning

Schools and classes are for students to learn. It is meant to give them the knowledge and skills they need in order to
succeed in life. As usual, they have to deal with the math, the various sciences and languages along with the arts and
electives. Their daily routine involves a number of readings, some practice exercises and perhaps research and essays, all of which is designed to help them achieve their full potential.

They are certainly learning a lot if they hope to graduate ready for the big corporate world. But this pandemic has
proven, that learning has no boundaries, and the quest for knowledge will continue. Now, educators are also learning. They are finding new things about their students, about our schools’ curriculum and even about their own profession.

Although the school year started a bit rough, this has showed us the weakness in our educational system and what
needs to be done to improve it. There is the realization that we need to prioritize education and invest in it. It has an
indispensable role in society and could mean our success as a nation against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teachers were able to explore various methods of delivering their lessons. There isn’t a one size fits all approach. Each becomes tailored and individualized for the students.

They are finding new and more effective teaching strategies to help their students with the blended learning modalities. With this, technology has been integrated into education making it more efficient for both students and teachers.

But perhaps the most important lesson, is fostering a strong relationship with the students. Regardless of the mode
of delivery of the subject matter, the students learn better when they have a harmonious relationship with their teachers and classmates. In the midst of uncertainty, we need to be able to depend on one another. Let us all learn that even in this competitive rat race, there is always room to be kind to our students and to ourselves.