Fe Gomez-Villaruz

Fe Gomez-Villaruz is an english teacher and former editor of The Capiz Times.

Using Appropriate Words
Sep 08, 2020

As observed, a number of common words and expressions are still misused in speech and writing. Choose the appropriate words in the following sentences: Nowadays, parents listen to the (advice, advices) of their children. 2. How many (personnel, personnels) does the Department of Health have? 3. The government disseminates relevant (information, informations) on steps undertaken […]

Past and Past Participle Forms of Irregular Verbs
May 10, 2020

As observed, the past and past participle forms of commonly used irregular verbs pose a major problem in oral and written communication. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verb given at the beginning of every sentence. BREAK The strong wind has _________ the window panes. Who _________ the flower vase last […]